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Directorate of Marketing & Inspection


Agmark online or Agmark Quality Control Management System (AQCMS) is an online software for Grant of Certificate of Authorisation (C.A), Approval of Private Commercial Laboratories , Permission to Printing Press and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for DMI internal use for check or challenged samples information recording, allocations, computations and online results reporting.

Agmark online system covers following activities in phase I.

  1. Certification of Authorization (Domestic)
  2. Permission to Printing Press to print Agmark replica
  3. Approval of Private Commercial Laboratories (Domestic)
  4. Laboratory Information Management System (DMI Internal)

The applicants can apply online for grant of new Certificate of Authorisation (CA), Approval for Private Commercial Laboratories and Permission to Printing Press to print Agmark replica.

Agmarkonline software enables filing of online application, open 24x7, user friendly, sends sms/email alerts,fast and enhances transparency in Agmark Certification process.