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Directorate of Marketing & Inspection


1. What is DMI?

DMI or Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, is an attached Office of the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India. Learn More

2. What types of Agmark Online certifications provided?

 Applicants can apply online for grant of new Certificate of Authorisation (CA) to manufacturing/packing premises, Permission to Printing Press to print Agmark Replica and Approval to Private Commercial Laboratory for grading & marking under AGMARK for domestic trade.

3. Where do I start if I am a new user?

As a new applicant please sign up for Primary/Corporate registration to add company/firm and then create as many secondary user ids for each manufacturing/packing premises/units. Please read the manual to learn more View Manual.

4. How do I register my firm?

If you have done with primary/corporate registration, you will get your Applicant Id and Reset password link on your email. After resetting your password, login from login window and fill up the forms , please read further instruction from the Manual to learn more (Example for CA non BEVO applicant).

5. How to check the status after submitting the application?

Once you have final submitted the application, login with your primary/corporate Applicant ID, there will be shown a list of your added firms/applications with their status. Notification may also be provided about the status of your application.

6. What notifications that an applicant will get in this process? and how?

All the notifications in this process will be sent to applicant via SMS and Email on his/her registered Mobile No. and Email Id.

7. What is the process for renewal of the certificate?

The applicant may apply, if he/she desires to do so, for renewal before three months of expiry date of certificate by login with their user id & password.

8. What is the procedure for renewal if certificate has been expired?

There is provision for one month grace period after expiry date of CA to apply for renewal. If applicant could not apply within grace period also, their certificate will be treated as cancelled. The applicant may apply afresh for new CA if he desires so.

9. If I am existing CA holder (by offline process), what should I do to go online with my existing certificate?

There is provision to upload/feed existing application data to get the option for making application for renewal of the CA online, for detail please read the User Manual to learn more.

10. What will be the validity of the certificate/permission/approval after successful grant?

The validity depends on the certificates type as below,

Certificate of Authorisation (Upto maximum 5 Financial Years)

Permission to Printing Press (Upto maximum 5 Calendar Years)

Approval to Private Commercial Laboratory(Domestic) (Up to maximum 5 Years ending on 30the June)

Approval to Private Commercial Laboratory(Export) (Subject to NABL validity)

11. What is TBL ?

TBL means Trade Brand Label of the distinctive product.

12. What if any user getting issue on esigning process?

When you proceed to esign, if popup showing message "Proceeding to Esign, Please wait while we get ready to redirect to C-DAC for authentication" appears and not proceeding further, it may be the issue of your browser exeptions.

To resolve, please read below steps:

Option 1: Through browser setting

For Chrome: 1. Open browser and click the three dots on top right side.

2. Then click "Settings" option.

3. On the bottom click "Advanced" option.

4. Click on "Open proxy settings" from "System" option list.

5. Then Internet Properties window will appear, click on Security menu above.

6. Then out of the four options click "Trusted sites", click the "sites" button.

7. Add this url "", click "Add" button and Close the window.

For Firefox: 1. Open Menu (Upper right 3 lines)

2. Click on “Options”

3. On the left side of the screen, click “Privacy and Security” .

4. Locate the “Content Blocking” section and Click on the “Manage Exceptions...” button.

5. Next type this url "" in the box.

6. Click “Allow” then “Save Changes” to complete this action.

For Internet Explorer: 1. Click the setting icon on Top right side.

2. “Internet Options”

3. Click on the “Security” Tab

4. Click the “Trusted Sites” icon,

5. Click the “Sites” button

6. Add this url "", click "Add" button and Close the window.

Option 2: Through browser Address bar

1. Run this URl "" in your browser's address bar.

2. It will show the page of website certificate expired.

3. Click on "Add Exception" option and proceed further

4. Close the window and try esigning again.

This Setting will white list the CDAC Url on your browser to proceed further.

13. What if I don't receive the email to Set/Reset my password?

1. The email provider may have treated the mail to set/reset the password as 'Spam' mail. Please check the 'Spam', Junk' folder of email.

2. In Some cases Applicant has experienced the delay of 6 hours to receive email, in email providers like 'Gmail'.

3. Also, for some email providers like 'Gmail', this mail is not visible if you are accessing the account through Gmail App. In such case, open the account through any browser.

14. What if my password is expired?

If you get the message that your password is expired then you will receive an email at your registered email account to reset the passsword. You will also receive an SMS also regarding the same, indicating the email account on which the email has been sent. Please refer FAQ #13 in case you have not received the email.

15. What if I get 'The link to reset the password has expired' message?

The validity of the password reset link is 24 hours and one link can work only once.

To get new password reset link please use the 'Forgot Password' functionality available on the login page. The new link will also have a validity of 24 hours, post which it too will expire.

16. What if I have forgotten the registered email id?

If you have forgotten the registered email ID please contact your concerned RO/SO officer with your firm ID or User ID. They will indicate your registered email ID.  

17. What if any user have problem to reset password?

For Applicant, to refer manual click here

For Authorized user, to refer manual click here

Please clear the browser history before proceeding to reset your password, to do this open your browser and click "Shift Ctrl Del" buttons at once, a window to clear browser history will be open, clear and then proceed. 

18. What if any user try to login from multiple window/browser with same account?

If any user try to login from multiple windows/browsers with same account, then the system will alert the user with message and option "Ok" and "Cancel", if pressed "Ok", then the user will be automatically logged out from the first window/browser for the same account.

The system will allow the user to login with same account only from one window/browser.

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